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And now its time to pay...

Happy New Year!!!!

Hope you all had a fab festive time. We had a ball. In fact the kids said it was the best Christmas they’ve ever had.

We spent Christmas day in our cottage in the Cotswolds with my Mum and stepdad and then ventured up North to Manchester in that bit between Christmas and New Year where nothing is really going on, Jason named it the ‘Perineum’….. I’ll leave that to your imagination, to visit my in-laws. New Year was spent at Lisa Faulkner and John Torode’s house with all the kids and a lot of karaoke. It was a double celebration as John had proposed to Lisa on Christmas Day while they were in India. We celebrated twice as much……. Can’t wait for the wedding. We ate and we drank and we partied our little hearts out. December 2018 was one of the most indulgent I’ve ever had.

And now I have to pay!!!!!

Two days before Christmas I was offered a new telly job (which I can’t reveal yet but I assure you its fricking brilliant), and I begin filming towards the end of January. It means I’m going to be juggling two jobs and my home life, I’m very lucky to have this problem as its quite tough out on the acting circuit. I’m not complaining at all, but it means all the December excess has got to be whipped off so that I’m ship shape and ready to rock once filming starts.

Me and Jason are doing the Big Juice Challenge with Jason Vale and all his followers this week. We had a 5 day ready made juice kit sent out and we are coming towards the end of day 1 as I type, and my goodness its so much tougher to do at home than in the thirty degree heat of Juicy Oasis in Portugal. But we are going to persevere. The main problem is that we still have to make food for the girls and be surrounded by all the gorgeous food smells.

We’re also training in the gym, running, weights, zumba and yoga. We are going to be fit as butchers dogs….. and hopefully I’ll fit into my corset……

Angela x

New Years Resolutions.

1. Juice and Detox twice this year.

2. Run a half marathon (Gulp!).

3. Stop being anxious when I’m out of work for more than a week.

4. Make a short film.