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Channel 5 here we come!

Big news this week!!!! The Detail will be coming to UK tv screens!!!! So excited about this. It’ll be on Channel 5 later this year. I’m so proud of the show and i know that my UK fans are looking forward to seeing it, so I was delighted when it was picked up by CH5. It means everybody gets to see it without having to subscribe or pay to watch it. It’s still early days though get an air date, but I’ll let you know the minute I know.

Had the most marvellous time in Italy last week with the family for the first week of the Easter holidays, I’m going to write a travel piece (once my computer is back from the computer hospital after my husband poured a cup of coffee on it, accidentally of course), with a rundown of where we stayed, ate and got around. Great holiday for older kids who are sick of lying by pools and families wanting more of an adventure. Although we’ve all come back carrying pasta babies so back in the gym for me and Jason.

Our Italian Adventure

Started work on my new theatre project Building The Wall at The Park Theatre on Monday. Utterly terrifying!! And exciting. I always thought the older I got the more confident I’d be about my work, my talent, etc, but still the first day of any job is like the first day of school. Worried that once they hear me read the script they’ll wish they hadn’t cast me and maybe everyone will hate meIt’s a great play, one I’d actually go and see if I wasn’t in it. It’s a two hander with Trevor White, set one year in the future in Trumps America. If we can learn all the lines in time it’ll be fantastic..... ha! Only 3 weeks rehearsals. I’ve never done a two hander and didn’t realise how hard it is in terms of learning your lines. You’re rehearsing from 10-6 and get no opportunity during that time to just learn lines as you are always on stage. It means you have to come home and spend the evening drilling them. I’ve discovered an app called Line Learner (to the point), which is really helping me out and I would definitely recommend. Plays aren’t my husbands favourite job if he’s honest, I wrap myself up in them so completely that I talk about nothing else for the whole rehearsal period. Trying very hard to not do that this time.... and failing.....

Building the Wall at The Park Theatre
Building the wall - Park Theatre

This Week I Am

Watching..... The Walking Dead on Amazon Prime

Listening.... Then She Was Gone by Lisa Jewel on Audible

Going... to the opening of Soho House at White City with Tamsin Outhwaite

Eating.... healthily!!! Definitely no pasta

Running.... at David Lloyd before going to work

Typing..... all my blog posts on my iPhone.

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