• Angela

Episode 3 - 'The Detail'

I really love this episode!!

Stevie and Jack actually go their separate ways this week as Stevie and Kyle investigate the cold case they’re both obsessed with and Jack helps Fiona with a current homicide that shows signs of a killer who’s already behind bars.

Working closely with David was fantastic, he’s such a pro, and very very good, really natural in his performance which fits perfectly with me. He’s also very funny and dry.

I missed Shenae at this point in filming as all our scenes had been together, but what it did mean was that I got a day off, so I flew home to see my family!!!

Flying on a Thursday night arriving in London on Friday morning, I got 48 hours before flying back Sunday lunchtime ready for work on Monday.

Seems like madness but any chance to be with my little ones I grabbed with both hands.

We also managed to squeeze a wedding in... not ours obviously, but our good friends Paul Andrew Williams and Caroline Bartleet. There goes that juggling that mothers (and fathers) have to deal with week in week out.

Enjoy x

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