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Episode 4 - 'The Detail'

Can’t believe we are already at Episode 4!!!

Still no news on a pick up but hoping to hear in a couple of weeks. Myself and everybody who worked on The Detail have their fingers firmly crossed. I will announce here first.

When we filmed this episode I was properly in the swing of things. I was used to the accent, the hours, the slightly different ways it works in Canada to the UK, and I can honestly say I was enjoying myself. This was the first time we had to use stunt doubles and my lovely lady was phenomenal, she makes me look very good…. and fast. It was one of the hottest days on set, and as protection pads needed to be worn, so that nobody got injured, we had to wear long sleeves and trousers to cover them up, we were very, very, very hot.

Our guest star Kevin Hanchard (ORPHAN BLACK) was incredible to work with, we had some very emotional scenes to do together and he was fantastic. Once the rushes had been seen the executive producer came to see me to say how well the scenes had turned out. Its great getting a compliment on set, it doesn’t happen too often as we are working at such a pace there isn’t time to look back at whats already been done, so when you get one, it matters.

We also had a racoon on set. Being British, racoons seem very exotic to me, but in Canada they are everywhere. So super cute though, unless they’re ravaging your bins or you garden.

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