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Episode 5 : By The Girls, For The Girls, With The Girls!!

We are half way through the run. Episode 5 guys and gals!!!!

To all of you able to watch it, who have been watching it, thank you!!! For all you who haven’t seen it yet, just you wait…….

Its a heavy, topical and relevant case for Hall and Cooper this week, and it all takes place in a courtroom, which in real life was actually just a very big room that our art and props department got their talented little hands on. The case deals with date rape drugs, consent, how we treat sexual assault victims and how much we believe women in court.

Its a special episode, in that it was both written and directed by fierce, fantastic and talented women, Naledi Jackson and Jordan Canning. It was a great atmosphere on set and I think that the all female team meant there was a sensitivity and a respect shown to the story.

Stevie and Jack have a fallout which was much fun to shoot and I also got to work with Mel Nicholls_King who I watched in The Wire, one of my favourite ever TVshows. Its great when somebody lives up to all your expectations. I was also, finally in a scene with Ben Bass, who plays Marc Savage, although we share a show its rare that myself and Ben shared a scene. He taught me that apple juice makes your eyes shine….. try it x


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