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Episode 6 - The Detail

Just over the halfway point of The Detail and Episode 6 is a cracker!

Directed by Grant Harvey and written by Joe Pernice, it was action packed from start to finish, we had stunts, stun guns and serial killers. For the first time I got some gun action and it was so nerve wracking!! Being British, (and not part of any kind of gangster gun gang), guns are not a part of my everyday life and in the UK only our specially trained police officers are allowed to carry guns, so I wasn’t at all comfortable to begin with. I have to say Shenae was definitely the winner when it came to gun handling, she was a natural. Myself and Wendy took a little longer to get used to them.

The video below was part of our gun training before we started filming and this was absolutely towards the end of the session. Despite the look on my face it was all very exciting, thats just my concentrating face. Everything had to be taken very seriously because although we were firing blanks, if they hit you, they still bloody hurt!!

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