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The details of 'The Detail'

Updated: Jun 3, 2018

So…… I have a new show launching today at 9pm on CTV in Canada. THE DETAIL!!!!! I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am about it. So many firsts on this job. First time filming outside the UK, first time with a North American accent, first time at the top of the call sheet. It was one of the most exciting, terrifying and toughest times of my life.

Getting the role in the first place happened so quickly; from my recall audition to flying out to Toronto for chemistry reads and costume fittings, took 2 weeks. 2 weeks!!!! One minute I’m doing the school run and the packed lunches and the next I’m in a huge studio getting ready to film 10 hours of Canadian TV. Luckily I have an incredible husband, Jason, who enables me to take these kind of jobs. My kids too, Tallulah and Missie (you’ll hear more about them over time), who are 13 and 10, were equally as understanding and excited. I’m not sure we realised how hard it would be at the beginning, we just knew that there was an adventure to be had.

On Set of 'The Detail'

Filming the show was a blast. Lots of similarities to filming in the UK, but a lot of differences too. The hours were the biggest shock for me, basically you film until you’re done, whether that be an 11 hour day or a 15 hour day. In the UK you never really go over 12 hours. Everything felt bigger…. including the catering, or ‘Craft’ as its called across the Atlantic. Definitely had to be careful not to double in size, which was hard as Tam made the best everything.

Craft truck

The downsides of the job were missing my family. They came out a few times and I came home a few times, over a 14 week period we saw each other every 2 weeks, which isn’t that bad. But working crazy hours made the weekends tough, it was all or nothing. I was either working all day, going home, learning lines and straight to bed or spending 48 hours on my own whilst everyone else was going home to their families and friends. By the end of the job I’d made some local friends and a friend from school had emigrated there, but those first couple of months were hard.

The work on the other hand! The hours were tough, learning the lines was hard, but my goodness I loved it. ‘Stevie Hall’ is a great detective, stable, grounded and thorough, she knows her job inside and out, and she sticks to the rules, unlike her partner Jack Cooper. But Stevie’s home life is turbulent, a stroppy teen daughter, an autistic son and a husband who is almost too perfect. Sometime Stevie finds it easier dealing with the dead bodies than the domesticity. And when her ex turns up to work at the unit it throws her life into turmoil. And that is amazing to play.

The Hall Family - 'The Detail'

I’d never been to Toronto before and thoroughly enjoyed exploring the city on my downtime. Visiting The Beaches, Lesleyville, Ossington, the Galleries, the shopping and all the fantastic restaurants.

My top 3 things to do in Toronto….

The big red bus tour… easiest way to get your bearings, find out all the headlines of the City, you can tick off the big sights too by hopping on and hopping off. I do this in every new city I visit.


Trinity Bellwoods Park……. On a Sunday this place is buzzing in the summer, musicians congregate, tight ropes are put up, flea markets are out and there is a buzz of bohemia and sunshine. Take a book, take a guitar, alone or with friends, its the perfect cool hangout.

In Trinity Bellwood Park with the Cherry Blossom

Ossington and Queen….. is where its at. Amazing shops (Jonathan and Olivia), great restaurants (Union, Foxlow) and Bellwoods brewery which is an independent brewery with a great vibe. It very much hipsterville, but I like that kind of thing.


Hopefully once the show has aired we’ll find out if we get ‘picked up’, and if we do there’ll be a whole load more Toronto tips coming your way.

Angela x

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