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The Women of 'The Detail'

Updated: Apr 8, 2018

We’ve had the premiere of the series now and it seems to have gone down very well. Hooray!!!

Lots of positive comments on social media and the Canadian press. All the hard work is paying


It feels like the The Detail has come along at the perfect time. With the events that have been

unravelling on both sides of the pond in the industry, change is in the air. There is an awareness

that diversity is needed, and expected, on both sides of the camera. Equal representation for

women and equal pay, its shocking that we are having to fight for something that should just be

expected, but fight we are. With the three main cast of our show being women of different

ethnicities and ages we are ticking a lot of boxes, but it never felt like we were forcing the issues.

The diversity means that the stories we tell are more complex and identifiable to so many more

people. We also have a huge amount of female producers, executives, writers and directors on

The Detail, this means that our stories tend to not go down the obvious ‘female victim’ avenue.

There have been so many shows that have opened up with a dead women sprawled somewhere

dingy, and I think its really important to show that women aren’t always the victims, that its

possible to have more than one women heading a series and that their lives don’t have to revolve

around men. This doesn’t mean that our show is for ‘Women Only’, far from it. Ultimately The

Detail is a police procedural with interesting crimes and thrilling storylines that just happens to be

headed by a lot of fierce women. Sunday’s episode deals with a male body being found by a car

park and the investigation takes us into the seedier side of the city, all this whilst we delve deeper

into Stevie and Jack’s personal life. This is the kind of show I want to watch.

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