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A Detox of a Different Kind

I think my buzzword of 2018 is ‘Detox’. I spent the summer in Portugal cleansing and rebooting my body and now I’ve done my wardrobes! Well, when I say ‘I’, I mean the Style Sisters.

A chance meeting at a friends party and I fell for these charming passionate ladies. Charlotte and Gemma are absolutey lovely, bubbly, hardworking and determined. My kinda gals.

They specialise in decluttering, organising and sorting out your wardrobes with some style advice along the way.

The day consisted of completely emptying my wardrobes, vacuuming and cleaning the insides (I mean when was the last time any of us cleaned inside our wardrobes!!!), then sorting through EVERY item. We had piles for keep, throw, charity, memory box and summer.

I didn’t know I had so many clothes and there were some things in there that I had completely forgotten about. I was worried that they would make me throw away items, but actually they ended up convincing me to keep some stuff, that denim jacket that feels very 90’s, looked great underneath the green bomber stuffed at the back of the wardrobe. It was therapeutic too, memories of nights out and weddings were talked about and the whole experience felt like they were my actual sisters.

The final result was incredible! My wardrobe was organised, clear, clean and easy to find things. I’ve decided to do it every year and to include the kids wardrobes too. Its completely worth it and for busy mums like myself who would rather eat their own arms than tackle a cupboard singlehanded, The Style Sisters are there to give you the encouragement you need, in fact its really quite enjoyable.

Find them at Tell them Ang sent you x