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Angela Griffin

My daughters are firmly back at school and I am firmly unemployed….

Well not quite. I’ve had a busy week having been away for a while (juicing, check out my blog in the health section), I spent a day doing press for The Detail which launches in the UK on 5USA in November. It was great talking and reminiscing about what has been one of my favourite jobs so far, I really hope that UK viewers tune in to see it, its a chance to see me in a completely different light as I’m the lead American detective in a glossy Canadian show. Doing all the different interviews made me sad as I was really gutted that we didn’t get a second season, I loved Canada and had come to terms with the fact I’d be spending another 4 months there, only to find out it didn’t get picked up. A travesty. It was such a good show and it seemed to go down really well. You never know why these are decisions are made, you just have to swallow and move on.

I’ve been having meetings about developing projects with me as the lead and they are ridiculously exciting, but I know from experience that the process is long and 9 times out of 10, fruitless. You still have to put all your effort in though because you just never know. I’ll be presenting The One Show a few more times in October as Alex Jones is away which I’m looking forward to. I love live TV, its such buzz, and The One Show is one of the best on screen at the moment so I’m mega proud to have been asked to do it.

Ultimately though I am an actor, and drama is my passion…. and I’m used to grafting. I’ve been really lucky over the years to have worked without many gaps and that has made me very happy. Its meant a lot of travelling and being away but my acting career defines me and when I have a lull I feel a little useless. I find it difficult to sit and wait for the phone to ring. My husband Jason finds me quite frustrating as he thinks that I should just enjoy the downtime as he is certain a job will always come up, as it always has done, but I’m a pessimist when it comes to my acting career and I am as certain as he is that I’ll never work again.

The uncertainty of this job is one of the reasons I’d rather my daughters didn’t follow in my footsteps. I’d really like them to have a stable career that depends more on their exam results than how they look. It looks like Tallulah is going to go down the medical route, but Missie my youngest is looking like she wants to join me in the Circus. There’s years for them to make a decision, but I make sure they are both aware of the positive and negatives of the careers they are pursuing.

In the meantime I’ll keep on auditioning, smiling and hoping that the next brilliant job is round the corner…. and if you see me in the street, please don’t ask me if I’m still acting.

Angela x