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Doctor Who? Doctor Her!!

Photo Credit : Pinterest

I feel inspired, I feel proud and I feel excited for the future. Does that seem a little bit dramatic? If it does then I’m sorry. I just think it’s ace that we have a female doctor. Not only is she female, but she’s Northern an’all, Yorkshire Northern. She’s a northern, clever, witty women who saves the world on a weekly basis in a primetime iconic show.

What I’m enjoying most is the fact that whilst I’m watching it, it feels normal, like it’s not really a big deal, that it’s still the same show, with the same amount of drama, thrill and fear, but a seismic shift has occurred. Thats exactly how it should be. It shouldn’t make a difference, it shouldn’t change the show, and now maybe producers and casting directors will be braver and push the boundaries with their casting process. Especially as Jodie Whittakers Doctor Who has put the ratings through the roof.

Only Christopher Eccleston's opening episode can match it. Jodie is a fantastic actress, she has depth, truth and humour with a hint of kookiness that is essential for the Doctor, this wasn’t a case of stunt casting to grab the headlines, this feels like the right person for the job.

Long may it continue…. and who knows, maybe we’ll have black Bond next year……