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Life is so busy.

Busy but I’m loving it. The house is still being done, it’s taking way longer than I thought it would. I think everyone ends up saying that don’t they? We do keep adding little things on, decking, exterior decorating, rearranging the kitchen configuration. The end is definitely in sight and I can’t wait to share it with you all when its done. The tiling and the log burning stove are my favourites so far. We’re so lucky to have our cottage in the Cotswolds to go to on a weekend so that we can actually make food from scratch. We’ve really got into Gousto boxes, it means the girls can make us a meal with all the ingredients provided in the right quantities and easy recipes to follow.

I love eating out, but even I’m getting to the end of my takeaway tether.

I can finally reveal my current job!! At last. Harlots!!!! Season 3. I started filming in January and have been dying to let everyone know. I’m fulfilling an ambition of mine, I’m in a period drama. . The full works, corsets, wigs, flouncy dresses and flowery talking. My character, Elizabeth Harvey, is fabulous, she’s confident, clever and a thrill seeker. She really knows how to play the game and she loves playing it, a true survivor. I’ll finish this shoot at the end of May and then I’m hopping straight onto another job that’ll take me through to October. I’m getting to play another complex lady with lots of secrets and a very dark side. Everybody makes you sign confidentiality clauses these days and so i’m unable to say exactly what it is that I’m shooting, but the minute I can, you’ll read it here first.

Seeing friends has been hard too, work and life is really getting in the way. We’ve worked out we have to start scheduling time with each other. I hate it. It used to always be about popping in and out and spontaneous meet ups but between everybody’s jobs and kids its gotten harder and harder. We had a fab meal at Lisa and Johns house this weekend. John cooked up a Thai feast and it was A - MAZ - ING. I told him that he should definitely think about taking up as a day job.

I’m missing my friends and my socials so for me, Summer is going to be about my mates, and as soon as this pesky kitchen is done we will be hosting loads of dinners in our new space…… so watch this space.

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