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Should I stay or should I go?

For a while I’ve had itchy feet. I moved out of home at 17 and have moved house every 3 years since. I’m one of those strange creatures who loves filling in forms, organising survey’s and then packing everything in a box and trudging to a different part of the world.

I’ve lived in my current house for 7 years!!! It’s a lifetime in Angie-House-Years and I’ve been on the lookout for a new home for the past couple of years. I’ve been surfing property websites, finding somewhere that feels like it could be home, then checking with the mortgage broker that it's all possible, only to find that although I can cope with the monthly mortgage payments, the stamp duty is astronomical, thousands and thousands of pounds for absolutely nothing. I cannot bring myself to pay it, so I put the idea of moving to the back of my mind and distract myself with something else, like changing my electricity and gas provider.

Thats where the extension on our current house came into being, rather than upping sticks and moving lock, stock and barrel, why not remodel and update our current house, maybe that would satisfy those moving cravings that I had? Potentially it could have done, if it wasn’t for the pesky building company who wasted the past 6 months of our lives saying they could do the extension for one price, only to increase it by 50% just before they were due to start (read all about it in my previous blog).

Anyway, we’re still having a new kitchen and a few updates, mainly because we had already put 50% deposit down on the kitchen before we realised the extension couldn’t go ahead.

What I’ve discovered though, is that I’m falling in love with my own home again!!!

I thought I’d gone off it, thought it had got boring and dull. It turns out that all i needed to do was ‘organise’. It started with the fabulous Style Sisters detoxing and decluttering my wardrobes. All of a sudden, a place in my house that I dreaded opening because it was such a mess was a place of order and calm, all my clothes looked brand new and the feeling of satisfaction at seeing everything colour co-ordinated was really quite amazing. It sounds stupid but it made me really happy seeing it.

This week we’ve had another part of the house that was chaotic and unorganised transformed into a cosy, aesthetically pleasing, place of comfort. My office! It was a tip, the room where everything got shoved if you didn’t know where else in the house to put it. So I decided it needed some love, I had shelves built and the room painted and its absolutely ace. I shredded soooooo much paperwork, boxed up books for the charity shop, filed all the important letters and threw out pens, pencils and felt tips that have been in the house since 1982. So liberating!! Marie Kondo is having an impact on our lives.

What I’ve come to realise is that one of the main reasons I like moving is because it is an opportunity to have a clear out, a clean slate and a blank canvas to start again with. Chucking out old books, clothes, paperwork, furniture, useless ornaments, all the stuff that you would go through to see whether you still needed it when you moving, is the part I love the most.

So, I’m pretending that my current house is brand new and looking at each room with fresh eyes. A lick of paint here, a couple of black bags there and voila, it look fresh and clean and neat.

I followed up with the toy cupboard (after which we played ever game left in there on a rainy Sunday afternoon), and I definitely need to tackle the Tupperware next. Having a good clear out

and clean does wonders for my brain, and it doesn’t have to cost a penny.