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Juice Me Up Buttercup!!!

Updated: Jul 8, 2018

Once a year, me and the girls (Amanda Holden, Nicola Stephenson, Tamzin Outhwaite) will take ourselves off to some sort of health retreat. We’ve been to bootcamps and juice retreats and its a great way to kickstart a healthy lifestyle. This year though work has kept me from going so I’ve decided to do a mini juice camp at home. I’ve bought myself a 3 day juice plan from for £99.99 and I have 3 clear days from work so I’m going for it.

The fact that its sunny should hopefully make it easier to do the exercise that goes with the plan. Here goes…..


With the kids packed off to school its time to get started. No caffeine, no alcohol, no food… just juice, herbal teas and water for the next 3 days. Juicing at the Juicy Oasis retreat in Portugal is usually loads of fun, there’s no food knocking about to tempt you, its in a gorgeous location and the facilities including the pool and spa make it a luxurious way to detox. Its a bit different at home though, making pack ups for the kids and walking past gorgeous restaurants with enticing smells. But I’m determined. I’ve been drinking lots of rosé and eating quite unhealthily, in fact my final dinner last night was burger and chips so I want to give myself a little kick up the bum and reset my system.

Started with a 5k walk with Lisa Faulkner and our dogs, came home and drank my first juice at 10.45am. They are so delicious. To be honest, I was still hungry, so thought it would be the perfect time to go to the gym for a gentle run. With another juice ready for me when I get home at 1pm the hunger pangs passed. My favourite juices are the ones with avocado or banana in, they are much more filling. Bizarrely I don’t like eating avocado only juicing it, think i’m the only person in the world who doesn’t like it.

Making the girls dinner later, and not tasting it or snaffling a little bit was…. difficult…especially the garlic bread, but I did it. I went and bought myself a great selection of herbal teas for when I fancied a bit of flavour outside of juice time., they definitely helped. But there’s no denying it, the first day is always the hardest.


Gorgeous walk with the gorgeous Tamzin Outhwaite across Hampstead Heath. 5k in the bag, all before 10.30am, and a good gossip too. We have juiced together at Juicy Oasis so she knew exactly where I was. I felt so energised though!! After the walk and juice I took myself to my David Lloyd gym and did a 5k run. And I felt like I could go further. Mid afternoon I had a little slump and as soon as Jason started making an incredible dinner of couscous and chicken I had to take myself upstairs to learn some lines for work later in the week. It wasn’t enough of a distraction and I turned to one of the ‘juice bars’ that came with the plan. I needed food in my mouth, to feel like I was joining in. Being around food is really, really hard. I’m definitely finding it harder to juice at home than I am in the retreat. I don’t think I could do 7 days. Once it gets to 7pm though everything gets a little easier. A nighttime Pukka tea whilst watching The Staircase on Netflix with my hubby and dog is pretty damn lovely, especially knowing that i’ve had a good day full of exercise and nutrition.


I’m in it! its fine. Gym today and a bit of work. Had to do a self tape for a big snazzy American show (which I’ll never get), but felt very gloomy and clear skinned. Also waking up not feeling tired is a great feeling. It shows what that nightly glass of wine does. I’m not saying that I’m never drinking again, but I think I’ll try and knock that glass that doesn’t matter on the head.

A busy day of washing, cleaning, appointments with accountants and kitchen designers mean that I don’t meet all my juice times. In fact I don’t even realise that there are 5 juices for day 3, so I have a spare for tomorrow. Its been easier today. No feeling hungry just feeling good. Sat in front of the telly later I find myself planning what my meals are going to be and I’ve decided that I’m going to try and be pescatarian for a little while. I’m going to have berries and yoghurt for breakfast, my spare juice for lunch, and then a prawn stir fry for dinner.

I definitely feel better, less tired, energised and clean, and without weighing myself I know that I’ve lost weight, I can already see it. And I feel like i’ve kickstarted a healthier regime which is why I did it in the first place. I just needed to reset the machine. But I have to say its been really hard to not fall off the wagon, the smells, making meals for the kids, being caught out without a juice. I’ll definitely try it again, but I may do the 5:2 version as 3 straight days was a struggle. Think my next big juice will have to be back in Portugal….

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