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My Home Juicing Essentials...

Updated: Aug 26, 2018

Juicing at home is very different to juicing at a retreat, so to make the whole experience more enjoyable and ‘retreat like’, here are some of essentials to keep you on the straight and narrow….

JUICER - Sage Nutri Juicer plus - £199 Lakeland

I did a 3 day juice and ordered it from, but its perfectly possible to do it by juicing your own veg and fruit. I use a Breville, but this brand has now been renamed, Sage. Even if you order a ready made juicing kit, you may still be inspired to keep it up for at least one meal a day after your detox, so definitely worth having one in the house.

Sage Nutri Juicer plus from lakeland


This is one inspiring video and a great watch after you’ve completed your first full day of juicing. Taking a group of people with varying illnesses you’re shown the power of the juice. Jaw dropping stuff!

Super Juice Me DVD

HOME SPA - LA Skincare starter kit and Aromatherapy Associate muscle gel £28, La Labo Santal candle £52

You need to give yourself a bit of a treat on the outside whilst you’re giving yourself a cleanse on the inside so giving yourself a home spa is a great way to do this. Run a bath, exfoliate, face mask, hair mask, candles and moisturise. Maybe even give yourself a mani/pedi.

WORKOUT CLOTHES - Ivy Park at Topshop various £

I always find that a new outfit for working out can be very inspiring. I’m having a love affair with Ivy Park by Beyonce from Topshop. Hoping a little Bey magic might rub off.

Ivy Park Workout Gear

HOME GYM KIT - Home weights £3.50 - £7.50 and mat £42 John Lewis

I love running and Zumba, very 2010 of me I know, but I need music and both of these mean I have some great beats pumping out very loudly. I also find that having a mat and a few weights at home mean I can put together a little circuit, then there is literally no excuse.

HERBAL TEAS - Pukka teas £2.96 Essential Pharmacy

Pukka teas got me through my cleanse. When you just fancy a little flavour, a taste of something between juices they are perfect. Womankind, Detox and the Cleanse are my favourite, but there are so many to choose from.

Between all of the above and the juice within three days you’re going to feel amazing.

Enjoy x

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