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This May I am...


White Lines on Netflix starting on 15th May, because its absolutely brilliant and i’m in it! Dunbreedin on Youtube, because its brilliant and I’m in it! And The Last Dance on Netflix, a documentary about Michael Jordan. Its brilliant, but sadly I’m not in it. Who knew that I would ever be interested in basketball?


A hell of a lot of musical soundtracks. Mainly Mean Girls and Hamilton. Not by choice but my daughters conditions for clearing up after dinner is that they can sing musicals at the top of their voice. I think it’s a small price to pay.


American Vintage pink boiler suit. Comfy, bright and practical. Then when the sun comes out I have my Liberty bikini conveniently underneath.


My Skin 111 facemask’s. The whole family have used them, for our quarantine pamper nights… even Jason. He’s game for anything.


The Detox Kitchen veg boxes that are delivered to the door with the freshest veg and recipe ideas. Get 10% off a your first box by pressing the link.


Flowers and carbs! I’ve been sending them to myself for a little surprise cheer up.

Bloom & Wild are reasonable and fit right through the letterbox. Press the link to get £10 off your first bunch. Jason has started making sourdough and it would be positively rude not to eat it. Everyday. With lashings of butter.


To see my best friends 😢